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Map your consumption, take action

Our Sub-metering System



Plug & play

Wireless energy sensors
The so-called E-Cubes are wireless (and no battery) current sensors, which can be clipped in a few instants. The measure the electric current going through the wires.



Mobile installation

Mobile data collection and transfer system
The data concentrator and modem are packaged in an E-Case case, enabling rapid installation of the sub-metering system. Ideal for an audit!


Automated reporting

Consumption monitoring
A monitoring platform can be used to analyse the consumption of all sensor-equipped equipment.

Automatic consumption reports can also be set up to show where savings can be made.

The simplicity of the system and ease of installation means that can be installed independently by industrial companies.

ENKEL energy sub-metering systems are built in Grenoble, in the French Alps. We deliver systems all over the world to help manufacturers save energy.

Our services to assist you

The ENKEL team is ready to help you with your energy-saving, process-optimization and digital transformation projects.


We can support you from A to Z, from installing the sensors to the data analysis :

Installation of meters

  • Establishment of the counting plan
  • Installation of meters
  • Configuration of the supervision platform
  • Creation of monthly and annual reports

Identify priority optimization actions

  • Data analysis
  • Identification of actions to reduce consumption

Initiate the energy transition of your factory

  • Energy audit
  • Decarbonization study
  • Training for your Energy Referents
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