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Energy management

Food processing

Bridor maps its electrical consumers to prioritize energy efficiency projects


In 2021, Bridor initiated the ISO 50001 certification process, prompting a detailed breakdown of energy consumption across its facilities. To prioritize its action plans, the industrial bakery specialist sought an agile and portable solution for capturing electrical consumption data. That's why Bridor equipped itself with ENKEL sensors and cases.  Two cases (E-Case) and 46 sensors (E-Cube) were installed. Thanks to their easy implementation, the instruments are not fixed; they are moved for occasional measurement plans on different equipment, following a established protocol. A consumption mapping is quickly available to reveal the most energy-intensive equipment.  Immediate gain opportunities were identified. Several actions were taken directly after the measurement plan, such as adjusting the startup of machines with a cascading start or optimizing control settings. The data is also used to guide future technological choices during investments in new equipment.

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