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Isra cards



ISRA Cards reduces its costs by adjusting the settings of its machines

Isra cards

ISRA Cards, a card manufacturer mindful of its environmental impact, has installed wireless sensors on its machines, which are connected to a case collecting real-time electrical consumption data.  

The data analysis revealed that some installations consume 50% of the energy during the heating time : therefore, it is appropriate to use the machines for relatively long periods to 'amortize' this consumption peak. 

The adoption of appropriate measures has allowed ISRA to stabilize its electrical consumption, optimizing production by adjusting machine usage schedules and assessing the energy component in the cost of each operation. 

Today, despite the addition of three machines, consumption is equivalent to that of the initial audit. 

In conclusion, the consumption analysis carried out through ENKEL's submetering solution has allowed ISRA to improve its performance in terms of:  

Environmental responsibility by reducing electricity consumption Internal organization by adapting the schedule to machine consumption cycles Cost management by limiting additional costs related to the rise in energy prices through the optimization of the timing and duration of usage, as well as through a better understanding of the energy component in production costs and, therefore, in the price of the finished product.

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