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Gas submetering

Surface treatment

Technocoat reduces the overall site consumption from 2.5 MWh to 1.5 MWh by adjusting the settings


In Chassieu (France), the Technocoat plant (OPTITEC Group) specializes in surface treatments. Its processes improve the characteristics and lifespan of treated materials. However, the processes used are very energy-intensive. 

To reduce these consumptions, the management, led by Mostafa Naga in charge of the project, decided to implement an energy submetering system to assess the current situation and estimate potential savings. Thanks to ENKEL's communicating sensors, the submetering system was quickly implemented to take immediate action. The results are impressive. By scheduling machine stops and starts, repairing leaks in compressors, and adjusting pressure parameters, the overall site consumption, which could sometimes reach 2.5 MWh, is now consistently below 1.5 MWh. With these results, submetering has been extended to burners and gas consumption, and today, all processes are monitored and optimized.

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